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  • Transformers

    Brad, Justin and Kevin share their experiences and thoughts on the 30+ year old Transformers franchise. They also discuss their favorite characters and thoughts on the multiple cartoon series and movie releases.

  • John Candy

    The guys discuss the life and career of the late, great John Candy who passed away in March 1994 at the much too young age of 43.

  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

    It's Morphin Time on this episode of the Back to the Past Podcast! Brad, Justin and Kevin each share their thoughts on this popular franchise that started in the 1990's and is still popular today with numerous TV series created over the years.

  • Alien

    The guys discuss the Alien franchise, one of Brad’s favorite film franchises that Kevin had never experienced until researching for this episode. List of Alien pop culture references

  • Back to the Future

    Join our trio as they go Back to the Past to discuss one of the most beloved film franchises, Back to the Future!

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    Learn more about the history of the “Heroes in a half shell!” as Kevin, Brad and Justin go “Back to the Past” to discuss their beginnings in the comics all […]

  • Sega

    We break down the history of SEGA on this episode along with sharing our experiences with SEGA hardware and software.

  • Nintendo Entertainment System

    Learn more about the video game system that marked the return of video games in North America as the guys talk about, and share their personal experiences with, the Nintendo […]

  • Ghostbusters

    The guys look back at the Ghostbusters franchise and discuss the films, cartoons, merchandising, food tie-ins and pop culture references!

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